The next time I order I pizza

I want you to know that, the next time I order pizza for myself, I’m going to order a beef, sausage, and pepperoni pizza.

Then, after I take it home and bake it, I’m going to spread potato chips* all over it.

*Real potato chips, not those kettle kinds. Yuck. Potui!



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I’m told that dreaming is a cognitive simulation of real-life experiences, a subsystem of the waking default network, the part of the mind active during daydreaming.
Yet I dream of events that are often not part of my real-life experiences. The experience seems to belong to someone else.
For example, I often dream of being on a battlefield during a war, but the battlefield is not in Viet Nam and the war does not appear to be in Asia. Yet, the scenes and actions appear very real, as though I was looking through the eyes of another person.
As another example, I dreamt last night that a water pipe burst and flooded our house. Problem was, I knew it wasn’t our house. Yet the image of the water covering the floors was vivid.
If I cannot explain something, I refuse to say that it’s supernatural. The explanation is simply unknown.
I’m wondering if dreams can be a portal into someone’s else’s sight in another time or place.
Who knows? Only the Shadow knows?

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Backyard Fall Colors

This afternoon while harvesting the tomatoes from our back yard, I noticed the Autumn changes of color.


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Movie Review: “Land of Mine”

Watched the movie “Land of Mine” last night.
It’s a grim story about a group of young German POWs in post-World War II Denmark, who are forced to clear a beach of thousands of land mines.
It’s a grim story and hard to watch.
Still, I recommend this movie, because it’s a part of history that’s not well known.
3 stars out of 5.



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Salisbury Steak


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I read the news today, oh boy!

I read in the news today that:

1. If I drink too much coffee, I could get cancer.

2. If I eat at restaurants too often, I could get cancer.

3. If i wear a sports bra too often, I could get cancer.

You know what? I don’t care.

Too much of anything, even water, can kill me.

However, to be safe, I will not wear a sports bra.


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Why I’ve gone back to buying DVD’s

Since 2013, I’ve been buying digital copies of my favorite movies and storing them in “The Cloud.”

The advantage was that I could store hundreds of movies in the cloud and not use physical storage space at home.

However, starting this week I’ve gone back to buying Blu-Ray DVD’s.


I’ve found that the image and sound qualities are still superior on the Blu-Ray disks than on the digital additions.

Also, I found that DVD’s often can be found on sale for less than the digital copies.

In fact, lately I’ve found my favorite movies also come in combo packs that include the Blue-Ray, standard DVD, and digital copy of in one package.

This is a big plus for me, because now I can lend out the standard DVD of my favorite movie to friends and not worry about losing the Blu-Ray Disk.

Yes, there still is the problem of where to store my DVD’s. Working on that solution.

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