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我希望访问中国在我增长太老之前。    我希望看紫禁城在Bejing 。   我希望看长城。    我希望得知中国人民、他们的语言, 和他们的政府。   这是一个目标在我的生活中。     Advertisements

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¿esto sentido de la marca a usted?

A través del arbolado, a través del valle Viene un jinete salvaje y libre Inclinación en pasar de los molinos de viento Quiénes conservan a jinete joven valiente sea Él es salvaje pero él es suave Él es fuerte pero … Continue reading

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Don Quixote

Through the woodland, through the valley Comes a horseman wild and free  Tilting at the windmills passing Who can the brave young horseman be  He is wild but he is mellow He is strong but he is weak  He is … Continue reading

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I do not want to be ignorant. Ignorance is dangerous. Ignorance causes fear. Fear causes hate. Hates causes war. I want to learn, so that I may understand so that I may be patient so that I may love I … Continue reading

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Interest in China

I would like to visit China before I grow too old. ! would like to see the Forbidden City in Bejing. I would like to see the Great Wall. I would like to learn about the Chinese people, their languages, … Continue reading

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The High Price of Gasoline

  I drove to a gasoline station this morning, pulled up to the pump, and asked the attendant to fill up my tank.   The attendant asked, "Will that be cash, check, or second mortgage?"

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Long Life in Japan

I pasted the below article from the MSN news website. This supports my opinion that the Japanese people have a much healtheir diet than Americans.  Thow away those hamburgers and eat more fish and greens. The Good stuff. TOKYO – … Continue reading

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