Interest in China

I would like to visit China before I grow too old.

! would like to see the Forbidden City in Bejing.

I would like to see the Great Wall.

I would like to learn about the Chinese people, their languages, and their government.

This is a goal in my life.


About blueturtle7645

I love learning the Chinese language and reading about Chinese history and culture.
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3 Responses to Interest in China

  1. Unknown says:

    Isn\’t it amazing that the only thing you can see with any real clarity on earth from outer space is the Great Wall? What a sad thing to contemplate, but at least we can be sure that there is more here than the eye can ever comprehend. Thanks for giving me some ideas with your ideas.Philo

  2. J. Adam Huggins says:

    I look forward to perhaps meeting you out here one day. I too have shared this goal since I was a young boy (being half Chinese myself) learning the language under my own volition and studying a great deal about the culture in my spare time between my formal studies in Canada.I have now been residing less than 1000 kilometers from the Chinese border for the past 3 years in India. I have spent this time absorbing Asian culture first hand and realize that all I know now is but a mere speck in the grand scheme of what there is to know about INDIA, let alone the rest of Asia. I know I won\’t be ready to return to my life in the west until I have made this journey and truly come to grips with my roots. It may take 3 more years, it may take 5 or 10… time isn\’t really important nor difficult. THe hardest and most important part is always the beginning.

  3. arena says:

    Hi Allen, it\’s my first time to see a foreign friend say above words about his goal is to China. yeah, it\’s true, although someone said it before from TV or radio. I\’m moved… Should I be of help for your life goal fufill would be wonderful.

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