Green Tara

Mr. Hero-Tiger (Michael) provided this additional information in answer to my questions about the Green Goddess.

The English name is Green Tara.

It is said that there are 21 Tara in the world, Green Tara was one of them.

She was the tear of the famous Goddess, GuanYin. In
order to show GuanYin’s mercy, her tear changes to another goddess to
help people.

There are many tales of Green Tara. One, as I
mentioned before, is of the child who repeatedly spoke Green Tara’s
name. As a result, she was always protected by the Goddess.

Michael tells me also of a tale of a man who fell
into a river and was going to drown. Suddenly he remembers the Green
Tara and speaks her name loudly. A branch appears beside him, he grabs
the branch, and he survives.

These tales show that, when you are in trouble, the Green Tara will help. 


英雄Hero-Tiger (迈克尔)
先生提供了这个其它信息为回答我的关于绿色女神的问题。 英国名字是绿色Tara 。 据说有21 Tara 在世界上, 绿色Tara
是他们的当中一个。 她是著名女神, GuanYin 的泪花。为了显示GuanYin 的慈悲, 她的泪花变成其它女神到帮助人。
有许多绿色Tara 的传说。你, 如同我提及了前面, 一再讲绿色Tara 的名字的是孩子。 结果, 她由女神总保护了。
迈克尔并且告诉我分成河和打算淹没一个人的传说。 他突然记住绿色Tara 和大声地讲她的名字。分支出现在他旁边, 他劫掠分支, 并且他生存。
这些传说表示, 当您是在touble, 绿色Tara 将帮助。


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  1. Zhen says:

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  2. Hong says:

    Your blog very good! The pic very finery; I\’m so happly find it; wonderful!!

  3. ALLEN says:

    Thank you for visiting my site. Your comments are very nice.I am happy that you enjoyed.谢谢参观我的网站, 和谢谢您好的评论。 我是喜悦的, 您享用了它

  4. w says:

    Great pics !!! Andyby the way,,,,thank u for visiting my blog ^ ^

  5. 新人 says:

    Hi, dear Andy, this is Xin Ren. Thank you for your comments in my blog. :)I am studying for my PH.D in NTU(Nanyang Technological Univ) in Singapore. My major is Chinese Literature. : )And I also find some information for you.度母(梵名Tara,藏名Drolma)的名字,是“救度者”之意。顾名思义,他是救度危难中众生的本尊。观音出于对众生之悲心,有无量的化相,度母正是其中一个。度母, Tara in Sanskrit, Drolma in Tibetan, means \’release souls from purgatory\’. Just as its name implies, he is a god who save all flesh in adversities. Tara is one of the infinite appearances of GuanYin.

  6. ALLEN says:

    Dear Xin Ren:Thank you very much for providing the explanations on Tara and Drolma. I am very interested in Buddhism.We plan to visit China in 2006. I hope to visit some temples.I hope you do well in your Ph.D. studies. I know that Chinese Literature is also a fascinating field.Andy

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