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Learning Chinese 汉语语言

I have two goals in my life, to speak Mandarin Chinese fluently and to visit China. I will be visitng China in 2006, so I want to speak at least a little (yeedar) Chinese before I go, so I may … Continue reading

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Kuanyin Buddha

Albert Wood recently I visited Mianshan Mountain in Shanxi province. He sent to me the attached pictures about Green Tara.   "Kuanyin is also called Kuanshiyin, meaning the one of mercy. People believe that people in mercy may get his … Continue reading

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我的血液煮沸 (My Blood Boils)

Why did it take 5 days for our government to get food and water to the suffering people in New Orleans, our own citizens?  Maybe there are class or racial implications involved? Consider when a major disaster occurs in Europe … Continue reading

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