Snow in Oregon

For Aria and others who have asked, I have added to my photo collection pictures of some of our larger snowfalls.

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I love learning the Chinese language and reading about Chinese history and culture.
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3 Responses to Snow in Oregon

  1. rads says:

    Awwwwww :)))))))))Thank you muchly for the photos :o) I don\’t think I\’ll ever outgrow this fascination for snow! The pictures look so incredible! I love that one with the snow on the trees – the one that looks untouched. It\’s like a perfect moment captured in time; everything just seems so wonderfully peaceful.Again, Thank you for the photos :o) They were/are greatly appreciated.Best wishes to you and have a great day aria :o)…………·:::::·¸,.·´¨`·.( -.- ).·´¨`·.,¸¨`·–·-¨( ")(" )¨-·–·´¨¸.·´( `·.¸`·.¸ ) leaving an angel to watch over you :o)(.·´*´¨)¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)(¸.·´ (¸.·`*(`\’·.¸(`\’·.¸*(`\’·.¸*(`\’·.¸*

  2. rads says:

    Hi,Just a little note to let you know I have a few pictures from my country on my other blog :http://emblazenedsojournings.blogspot.comYou\’ll see it\’s quite the opposite of snow! :DBest wishes :o)~ aria :o)

  3. rads says:

    Andy,Thanks for the comment on my blog – I\’m glad you liked the pictures :o) I told you it was quite a contrast to the winter scenes in your album! The other blog I have is quite the opposite of this msn one – I tried to make it more informative with a variety of topics that interested me. I\’m glad you enjoyed it :o)Visit anytime, ok? I try my hand at poetry every now and then and the March archive has some of my work there. You can check it out and critique it if you wish.Thanks again for your kind words,Best wishes~ aria :o)

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