Li Na and her Sisters

I want to thank Li Na and her sisters for helping me to learn Chinese.
Li Na is a lovely, wonderful, and beautiful college student in
mainland China who teaches me about China.  She teaches me about
the history and language of China.
We have online audio conversations where she teaches me the
correct pronunciation of Chinese words.  How great it is to learn
the Chinese language from a person who lives in China!
I also want to thank her sisters, especially Li Li,who patiently
listen to and correct my feeble attempts at pronouncing the right
words.  They are patient with me and they encourage me to work
hard in order to learn the language well.
Li Na, I will never forget you.  You are bright and cheerful.  You are a great friend.

About blueturtle7645

I love learning the Chinese language and reading about Chinese history and culture.
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3 Responses to Li Na and her Sisters

  1. na says:

    haha,we are very glad to help you with your chinese,and you are a very kind man .we like you very much!

  2. rads says:

    Hi :o)I\’m glad you enjoy "emblazened sojournings". I try to make that one a lot more stimulating intellectually. Random Remonstrations is generally for a good laugh and to relax :o)I have left my email contact on my msn space in case you want to keep in touch.Take care, best wishes and I await the China pictures.~ aria :o)

  3. ﻬஐﻬ✿ Helen ✿ ﻬஐﻬ says:

    the friend you met one dayand then you would keep forever

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