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How do I know I’m getting old?

How do I know I’m getting old?   When I have surgery, and the surgeons look like they just graduated from high school.   That proves it.  I’m 60 years old.  (61 in China)   Andy Advertisements

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It’s a Go!

We received our approved visas to travel to China.   It’s a go!   Boy, are we excited!    

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  One of our stops in China in October will be Chengdu.   I am not familiar with the city, although I think it might be a very large city.   Can you tell me about Chengdu?   Where would … Continue reading

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Challenges of Learning Chinese

I think I have overcome learning the tones.  I can distinguish the tones now when someone speaks Chinese to me.   However, I still have more challenges to overcome.   The first is the challenge of MEASURE WORDS.  When do … Continue reading

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