Day 1-2 of our China Trip


Day 1 – September 21

We flew from Redmond to Portland on a puddle jumper jet. It was a nice day and a nice flight.

From Portland, we flew a 757 to San Francisco.

We stayed overnight in San Francisco, because we did not want to miss the early flight to Shanghai.

We stayed at the Comfort Suites in South San Francisco and had dinner at a Taco Bell.

Day 2 – September 22

We took a shuttle to the San Francisco Airport and had lunch at the airport.

Although our lunch was at a Japanese restaurant, the waitresses were really Chinese. They cheerfully helped me practice my Mandarin.

Ever since the 747’s came into service, Shari and I had longed to fly in one. Now we had our chance. Our plane to Shanghai was a 747.

What a disappointment! This was the only negative side to our trip, the 13-hour flight to Shanghai. To our surprise, the 747 was packed with seats and very cramped. It was difficult to get up and move around.

We took several flights during our China trip, but this was the most uncomfortable due to the small spaces between the seats.

The local Chinese airlines had more modern planes with much more comfortable seats. If we do this again, we’re upgrading our seats on a 747 to business class or first class. Those seats appeared much more comfortable. Our trip to China was great, but this was the only downside.

Tomorrow, I will tell you about our arrival in China and Shanghai. Now it gets exciting.


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I love learning the Chinese language and reading about Chinese history and culture.
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