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Are my translations correct?dui4 le bu4 dui4 le?对了不对了? The temperature is very cold.qi4 wen1 hen3 leng3 .气温很冷. This morning, the thermometer reads -1 degrees Fahrenheit (-18 degrees Celsius).jin1 tian1 shang4 wu3 ,-1 du4 hua1 shi4 wen1 du4 ji4 quan2 wen2 … Continue reading

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Photo – Mother and Son in Xi’an

I have always been impressed by the devotion of the Chinese to their parents.  While in China, I also noticed a strong love and devotion to the children.  This is strong maybe because only one child is allowed per family, … Continue reading

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Useful phrases for Chinese Language Class

  It is time for class now.Xiànzài shàngkè 现在 上课 Open your textbook, turn to page Da3kai shu, fan dao4 di4 __ ye4 打开 书, 翻 到 第 页 Let’s do the exercises now. Xian4zai4 zuo4 lian4xi 现在 做 练习 … Continue reading

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