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Where is Long Peace Street?

Where is Long Peace Street? Advertisements

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Practicing My Pronunciation

  All of my Chinese teachers tell me, "Allen, pronunciation is most important when you learn Chinese.  You must learn pronunciation first.  Then you may concentrate on vocabulary, grammar, and hanzi."   I want to practice spoken Chinese, but, for … Continue reading

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George Bush gets it right this time

Today, President Bush said that he would not support any boycott of the Olympics in China, because the performance of the athletes is separate from any politics.I agree with President Bush completely.The Olympics should never be a platform for political … Continue reading

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Violence in Movies

My wife and I watched “Enchanted” last night.I’m sure you’re aware that it’s Disney’s self-parody of its earlier fairy tale cartoons.The movie is wonderful.  It’s fresh, charming, and fun-to-watch.I especially liked the actress who played the fairy-tale princess.  She was … Continue reading

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Why Do I Study Chinese?

When people ask me. 当人们问我。 当 dang1 人 ren2 们 men 问 wen4 我 wo3 。   You are 62 years old. 你 ni3  今年 jin1 nian2六liu4十shi2二er4岁sui4.   Why do you still want to study Chinese? 为什么你还要学习汉语? 为 wei4 什 … Continue reading

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