Violence in Movies

My wife and I
watched “Enchanted” last night.
I’m sure you’re aware that it’s
Disney’s self-parody of its earlier fairy tale
The movie is wonderful.  It’s fresh,
charming, and fun-to-watch.
I especially liked the actress who
played the fairy-tale princess.  She was just perfect as she broke out in song
on the streets of Manhattan.
Now, this is my
Why can’t a movie like this get
awarded Best Movie of the Year, when instead you get crap like “The Departed”?
I’ve have not seen “No Country for
Old Men”, but I know its violent, as is “There will be
I have not seen “Juno”, but I wonder
why more consideration was not given to that movie. That appears to be sweet and
Forgive my ranting, but I get
frustrated when comedies are not given the attention they sometimes deserve. 
Too much attention appears to be given to violent and depressing
Over and out…..



About blueturtle7645

I love learning the Chinese language and reading about Chinese history and culture.
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