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The White Anxiety Crisis

  The White Anxiety Crisis:,28804,1971133_1971110_1971119,00.html     Advertisements

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Ten Questions for Desmond Tutu

  Ten Questions for Desmond Tutu:,32068,71386982001_1971656,00.html      

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Republican strategy of delay and obstruct

  The Republican strategy of delay and obstruct is hurting America and our standing in the world. It has to stop. Important offices at the State Department and other federal agencies are standing vacant because too many Republicans are placing … Continue reading

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If you have passion………..

  If you have passion, why not dream?

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Why I love Salt Lake City So Much, part 2

  I wore my IWU sweatshirt to a Salt Lake City grocery store today. The cashier saw my sweatshirt and said, "Illinois Wesleyan University?  Never heard of it!  Must be a really podunk school." The cashier’s funeral wll be at 10:00 tomorrow … Continue reading

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