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Abby’s Pizza in Bend, Oregon

  Had a great pizza tonight at Abby’s Pizza.  Saw you there. Advertisements

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Learning Chinese

  Learning to write complex Chinese sentences

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  “老时间,老地方,不见不散”  还是 “同一时间, 同一地点见”?

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Scientists have found an immortal animal

  Scientists have found an animal that lives forever.

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A Big Disadvantage to Medicare Advantage

  A Medicare Advantage Private Fee For Service plan works differently than a Medicare supplement plan.    Your doctor or hospital is not required to accept the plan’s terms and conditions, and thus may choose not to treat you, with … Continue reading

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Chinese Tongue Twister, 是不是

  tongue twister =   四是四, 十是十不能把四说成十,也不能把十说成四

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Larkspur Line Dance Video

  Can you find my wife?  

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