Learning about the origins of Buddhism

1. three schools of thought influenced the development of Buddhism: the Vedic religion, the Saramanic movement, and Jainism.
2. The Vedas were the sacred books of the Aryans.
3. The Vedic society developed into a caste system.
4. The early Aryans believed in sort of heaven, but the Sramanic philosophers rejected this idea in favor of the concept of reincarnation
5. Karma is based on the simple premise that all actions have reaction. If one’s actions are not felt in this life, they will be felt in the next life or a succeeding one.
6. The Jain’s founder, Mahavira, developed a program that centered on ahimsa (nonviolence towardtoward other living beings) to help others attain enlightenment, too.

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I love learning the Chinese language and reading about Chinese history and culture.
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