Below is text from an excellent letter printed in yesterday’s newspaper.  The writer has it right on.
The GOP and right wing nuts are using the same tactics that they have found successful in the past. Fear ….
In 2000: "Be afraid," the gays are going to take over the schools and teach your children.
In 2004: "Be afraid," al-Qaida is coming to kill you; they hate us for our freedom.
In 2010: "Be afraid," this administration is "the enemy" and we will lose all our freedoms; we will lose America.
The party of amnesia (having forgotten the last eight years of incompetence) that we endured during the Bush/Cheney reign is the party we vot-
ed out. Yes, we voted for change from Bush policies.
When you- lose elections, things are going to change, and not in the direction that you may have wished but neither party should drag itself into
the "anti-American" gutter that the far right seems to be content in these days.
They will do anything to assure that this president fails.
This election cycle, the right has recklessly gone way beyond partisan politics. Spewing fear that paints the U.S. president and his administration as our enemy, and worse in some cases, is reprehensible.

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