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The last words of a great anime artist

  If he could spend only half a day at home. The last words of a great anime artist. Advertisements

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Chinese practice

  1. 休息【xiūxī】 have (or take) a rest Please stay here and rest a bit, while I go register for you. 你在这儿休息一下, 我去给你挂号

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Redmond Festival of Cultures

  I attended this event last year.  It was great fun.  

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Secrets of the World’s Best School Systems  

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The Rising Power of the Chinese Worker    

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If you believe in forever…….

  If you believe in forever, then life is just a one-night stand.

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作业 2010-08-11

A.      Sentences with 会不会 1.       你会不会开车?(kāi chē) 2.       她会不会游泳?(yóu yǒng)   B.       SetencvfdSentences with 能不能 1.      你能不能来我家? 2. 我们有一个聚会。你能不能参加? 3.  你能不能教我汉语?   Sentences with 可以不可以 这儿可不可以吸烟?(xī yān) 可不可以进来?   Sentences with 要不要 你现在要不要回家? 她要不要一些水?(xiē shuǐ)   Sentences with 应该不应该 今天天气不好,我应不应该去我朋友家? … Continue reading

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