Chinese Words to Learn – 2010/11/06

眼睛【yǎnjing】 eye.

眼镜【yǎnjìng】 glasses; spectacles.

痛【tòng】 ache; pain; sadness; sorrow; extremely; deeply; bitterly.

疼【téng】 ache; pain; sore; love dearly; be fond of; dote on.

舒服【shūfu】 comfortable; be well.

锻炼【duànliàn】 take exercise; have physical training; temper; steel;  toughen.

头【tóu】 head;

买【mǎi】 buy; purchase.

卖【mài】 sell

牙【yá】 tooth; tooth-like thing; ivory.

手【shǒu】 hand;

脚【jiǎo】 foot; base; <dialect> dregs; <dialect> leg.

鼻子【bízi】 nose.

胳膊【gēbo】 arm.

全身【quánshēn】 the whole body; all over (the body).

每【měi】 every; each; per; often.

嗓子【sǎngzi】 throat; larynx; voice.

想【xiǎng】 think; suppose; reckon; consider; want to; would like to; feel like  (doing sth.); remember with longing; miss.


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