Excerpts from “The Last Chinese Chef”

I have attached some phrases from “The Last Chinese Chef”.

I love this book.

When I read it, it’s almost like I’m back in China.

Parts of it brought tears to my eyes.

你放心好. (Ni fang xin hao). That means you should put your heart at ease. …

不错Bu cuo. Not bad. It means so-so in English, doesn’t it? But it’s a sincere compliment in Chinese

What is Guanxi? 关系

From the family on out, food was at the heart of China’s human relationships. It was the basic fulcrum of interaction. All meals were shared. Nothing was ever plated for the individual.

Shi wo yinggai-de, he thought, one of the first simple Chinese expressions he had learned. It’s what I should do.

To have work was jiào gu, to have grains to chew. To have lost one’s job was da po le fan wan, to have broken the rice bowl. These words made the difference between life and death for people who were poor, So these words contained a world.

Hao Jiu Bu Jian (Haven’t seen you for a long time) (Long time, no see)

Man man zou, “he said, Walk slow,


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I love learning the Chinese language and reading about Chinese history and culture.
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