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Guan Yin

Guan Yin (观世音菩萨) is a great bodhisattva in Buddhism and is famous by his compassion(慈悲心). 慈者与乐,悲者拔苦。无缘大慈,同体大悲。He also has the most fate of the Saha World(他和我们居住的这个娑婆世界众生最有缘). When you are in all kinds of dangers and feel no methods to relief yourself, … Continue reading

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More uses of the word 把【ba】2011-02-16

More uses of the word 把【ba】 把. + something + verb + place 1. If you get up at six o’clock tomorrow, then do your homework first 如果你明天六点起床,把你的功课做完。 rú guǒ nǐ míng tiān liù diǎn qǐ chuáng,bǎ nǐ de gōng … Continue reading

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2011-02-16 用这些字造句

用这些字造句 yòng zhè xiē zì zào jù(use these words make sentences) 1. 问【wèn】 ask Tomorrow you should ask your teacher two questions. 明天你应该问你的老师两个问题。 míng tiān nǐ yīng gāi wèn nǐ de lǎo shī liǎng gè wèn tí 2. 题【tí】 topic; … Continue reading

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Chinese sentence practice 2011-02-07

1. 东【dōng】 east I get on the bus at the east gate. 我在东门上车。 2. 南【nán】 south I get off the bus at the south gate. 我在南门下车。 3. 西【xī】 west I want to go see western China. 我想去看一看中国西部 4. 北【běi】 north … Continue reading

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What I am reading now

Now I am reading The Road by Cormac McCarthy on my Kindle and also reading Still Alice by Lisa Genova on paperback.

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