Chinese sentence practice 2011-02-07

1. 东【dōng】 east

I get on the bus at the east gate.


2. 南【nán】 south

I get off the bus at the south gate.


3. 西【xī】 west

I want to go see western China.


4. 北【běi】 north

Harbin is a city in northern China.


5. 天气【tiānqì】 weather.

The weather in Harbin is very cold.


6. 天【tiān】 sky

The sky today is not blue.


7. 气【qì】air

Yesterday I saw a lot of balloons in the park.


8. 挂【guà】 hang

My wife asked me to hang our new curtains

我妻子要我把新窗帘挂上. (chuānglián)


About blueturtle7645

I love learning the Chinese language and reading about Chinese history and culture.
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One Response to Chinese sentence practice 2011-02-07

  1. peipei says:

    “The weather in Harbin is very cold.” yes, very cold ! haha I’m in here now.

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