Notes from Chinese lesson, 2012-08-02

Describes different situation
Expresses different situation

Zheng zai = zai (action) ne

正在【zhèngzài】 (to indicate an action in progress) in process of; in course of.

Xi guan = jian

习惯【xíguàn】 be accustomed to; be used to; be insured to.
Zhe ge hao xi guan = good habit
Used as noun

容【róng】permit; allow

天空【tiānkōng】 the sky

空【kōng】 empty; hollow; void
A space with nothing

Xiǎo kǒng = 小孔= a small space in busy time

将来【jiānglái】 future.

会【huì】= near future

Zuotian (昨天) cannot be used with会【huì】

wǒ zuó tiān lái le
wǒ huì lái le
wǒ shì zuó tiān huí lái le
wǒ míng tiān huí lái le
wǒ zuó tiān lái le

车【chē】= drive

Zuo + le

wǒ men xià wǔ sān diǎn shàng kè de

Lets go see a movie
diàn yǐng shì xià wǔ sān diǎn de
shì xià wǔ sān diǎn de diàn yǐng
(either way is correct)

Shi lanse de xiu

lǐ gōng = 理工 = science & technology

cuī yī xià ér
Hurry up a bit

Cui! Cui!

反正【fǎnzheng】 <adv.> anyway; anyhow; in any case.

Page 83

wǒ zhèng zài xiǎng sòng shén me lǐ wù
I was wondering what gifts to send.

You cannot send alarm clocks or umbrellas.

Page 84

让【ràng】ask or have someone else do something

“shake the cage”


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