Review of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocal

Saw Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol on IMAX today. I loved the movie, thought it was the best “Mission Impossible” yet. Good cast, good script, and non-stop action. I’m told Tom Cruise did his own stunts. I don’t know, but if he did, that guy has got balls of steel.

 This is one of the first movies I’ve seen on IMAX. My impression of IMAX is the same as my impression of HDTV. The picture is indeed clearer, but the biggest surprise is the sound. The sound volume, range, and clarity far exceeds conventional movies. (If you don’t like loud movies, you probably would not like IMAX.)

 The cost of admission is twice the admission of a conventional movie. Is IMAX worth the additional cost? For 3D movies, I would say no. I try to avoid 3D. IMAX, though, is different. The enhanced audio and video experience is substantially better. I enjoyed watching MI4 on IMAX. I might be a minority, but I would pay extra to see a good movie on IMAX.


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