The Big Year


Shari and I watched “The Big Year” on Netflix DVD last night. Inspired by Mark Obmascik’s nonfiction book of the same name, this movie tells of  a trio of competitive bird watchers who vow to win a contest by spotting and recording as many avian species as humanly possible.

We really enjoyed this film. You might not expect that you’ll find a movie about birdwatching to be engaging but it is!  This was a very subdued film for Steve Martin, Jack Black and Owen Wilson. Speaks to friendship, family, priorities and following your bliss. Great supporting cast with faces you haven’t seen for a while like JoBeth Williams. Cool soundtrack too.

This is a much better movie than most movie critics rated it. It isn’t a laugh out loud comedy, but it is a sweet, entertaining, slice of life story. All 3 leads are great in their respective roles.

There also is some great bird photography here.

I recommend this movie and give it five stars.


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2 Responses to The Big Year

  1. handstitch says:

    Thanks for the review and recommendation, Andy. I really not a big fan of Steve Martin, but, it sounds like a worthwhile movies even if it’s only to see some avian species. I’ll see if hubby can download this for the family to see at movie night.

    • I’m normally not a Steve Martin fan either, but these are different and more subdued roles for both Steve and Jack Black. I think you would like the movie for the birds and the scenery, if nothing else.

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