Small Dogs


I almost got bit by a chihuahua. It seemed to be a friendly dog, and I put the back of my hand out to it.  It smelled my hand, growled, and snapped at it.  Fortunately, I saw it coming and quickly pulled my hand away. 


 Small dogs and I do not get along.  I’ve been bitten by dogs only two or three times in my life.  Each bite was from a small dog.  I particularly remember visiting a client who also had a chihuahua.  As I was leaving her house, that darn dog reached over and bit me on the shoulder. 

I guess I should be thankful that I have never been bitten by a large dog.  Image

 Maybe that’s because I’ve kept my distance of unfamiliar big dogs.  Also, maybe that’s because I never consider a small dog to be a threat.  Worthless, yes, but not a threat.

 I should point out that both my wife and I have experienced more serious bites from a cat.   


 Each bite resulted in puncture wounds that required a trip to urgent care.

 Animal bites should be taken seriously.  Infection can easily result.  I have heard horror stories of people losing their hands or arms because the bite was not promptly treated.

 Be careful out there.


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6 Responses to Small Dogs

  1. handstitch says:

    Oooouch! I have big and small dogs and totally in agreement how little ones always bark the loudest…feistiest. But you have to remember, they are stepped on most because of their sizes. It’s the natural protective instinct. i was bitten by my friend’s old, grumpy Jack Russell last summer and it hurt for days! My bad…disregarded my friend’s advice and insisted that he would like my petting. Teach me :0(

    • It must have been a fairly serious bite, if it hurt for several days. I remember, back in Chicago, our neighbor had a VERY mean Jack Russell. We would give that house a wide berth.

      • handstitch says:

        Yes, it was.. Good grief. At least I didn’t lose a finger or a hand because of my stupidity 😀 I am really an animal person. I have never met a critter who doesn’t like me…that J.R. was definitely my first and hopefully the last LOL

  2. my little brother when i was growing up was a pomeranian. we had our moments. he bit me on the nose once. but in all fairness, i was blowing in his face, and ignoring his protests. he used to steal my crayons when i was coloring. he was a good little dog for the most part, but he had his ideas about things. wouldnt be bossed around. i teased him sometimes, but that usually turned out to get me, even if he wasnt the one doing the getting. still, we were close.
    never the less, i remain a cat person, with two big dogs on the side. it works.

  3. What a coincidence! My first dog bite was also from a pomeranian. This was when I was a wee kid on the south side of Chicago. I thought she was friendly until she whirled around and bit me on the cheek. Not a serious bite, but I was always more careful around dogs since then.

  4. We were cat people for most of our marriage. We owned several Siamese cats. Our last cat was a biter, resulting in visits to urgent care for both of us. At this point in time, we have no pets, but I am considering getting another parakeet. We had hours of fun with the last one.

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