The Billion Dollar Brain


Saw “The Billion Dollar Brain” on Netflix Streaming tonight.  The last time I saw this movie was in 1967, at the Avalon Theater in Chicago.




Ed Begley Sr. was terrific as a maniacal billionaire.  A short but great battle scene occurs at the end, all the more impressive because Computer Generated Effects were not used.


Michael Caine looks so young that he’s also unrecognizable.





If you look carefully, you might see Donald Sutherland as a computer scientist. Surprisingly, the movie was not that dated, although it is 45 years old. Wait, the background music easily identifies the movie as being made in the late 1960’s or early 1970’s.  The movie got bad reviews back then, but, watching it now, I give it 5 stars out of 5.  I enjoyed it.


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2 Responses to The Billion Dollar Brain

  1. sometimes looking back on some of those old films is quite surprizing. i enjoyed recently some old cult flicks that i had not seen before, and quite enjoyed them.
    ah michael caine. ever the suave brit!

  2. Yes, it’s interesting looking at old films. One can see how tastes have changed with time. Movies which I thought were terrific back in the 60’s now look amateurish. However, I like being surprised when I enjoy an old movie even more now than when I saw it way back then.

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