Falling behind in my blog

I’m falling behind on my blog. (insert photo of a little behind here.)

I want to tell you about my daughter’s run, the flowers in our yard, and the Sisters Rodeo. Have many photos to share, but I’m exhausted and cold from several hours at the rodeo.

Have to get up early tomorrow and practice Zumba, then go to tai chi. Maybe some Thursday, I would also like to go to Dudley’s and buy a scone for you-know-who. (She doesn’t need to trade yarn for a scone. I was only joking, but I do want to take my lovely wife there.)

Now it’s time for this fair-haired gnome to go to bed. Hope to add something more tomorrow.



About blueturtle7645

I love learning the Chinese language and reading about Chinese history and culture.
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2 Responses to Falling behind in my blog

  1. handstitch says:

    I was looking for you and Ms. Lovely yesterday. Glad it turned out beautiful even with a mild “shower.” Enjoy the glorious weekend 😀

    • Could not make it yesterday because of my weekly Zumba and Tai Chi practice. Shari also has her walking group on Thursday mornings. However, one of these days we’re going to surprise you with scones and/or donuts. Also, Mayanne (my tai chi friend) and I would love to have you practice Chinese with us. Hopefully we can find a time and place that’s convenient for all of us (Mayanne also lives in Awbrey Butte).

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