My Daughters Run

I’m very proud of my daughter.  She successfully ran her first marathon last weekend.  26.2 miles.

This is her husband.  He also successfully completed the race.

ImageThe weather in Newport was perfect!  59 degrees, cloudy, with very light rain.

We watched them from points about 1 mile from the start and finish lines.  As we waited for them, we applauded and cheered on the other runners.  I was surprised that, for a race of 900 runners, there were so few spectators.


One of my fraternity brothers asked if we are going to join them on their next marathon run.  As a matter of fact, my younger daughter is strongly encouraging us to sign up for Bend Turkey Trot 10k run on Thanksgiving. 


However, I don’t think Shari and I will be RUNNING.  We plan to WALK.



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One Response to My Daughters Run

  1. handstitch says:

    What beautiful runners and spectators. I love Newport, especially on the beach. When we were in San Francisco, my honey used to run the Bay to Breakers while I fast walked 😀 He was in the record breaking…me, enjoying the scenery and people watchin’. I love that. Hope to see you and Loverly on the next Marathon post and the Turkey Trot is a must! 😀

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