Our new parakeets

Up until a year ago, we enjoyed the company of our parakeet. She was a real clown and we spent hours laughing at her antics.
Sadly, she got et by a cat. We were not mad at the cat, because that’s what cats do, but we missed the company and tweets of our tiny blue feathered friend.

Today, Father’s Day, we bought not one, but two new parakeets. We each wanted one for ourselves, and we bought a separate cage for each.

This is a bird I chose, because of her unusual color combination. One of the prettiest parakeets I’ve seen.

This is the parakeet Shari chose. She picked this one because it was obviously a male. It was one of the few that had a deep blue cere, the sign of a male. We’re told that males talk more than females. We’ll find out whether or not that’s true. Who knows, maybe our two birds will get married and have babies? Wouldn’t that be fun?

Right now, however, both birds are very quiet in their new cages, very confused and scared about their new surroundings. We’ll leave them alone for a few days, until they are accustomed t our presence. We’re looking forward to their tweets, beeps, and antics. 🙂


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I love learning the Chinese language and reading about Chinese history and culture.
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2 Responses to Our new parakeets

  1. Mei says:

    They’re beautiful birds… mine is back in the house, to noise with me in the flat. Miss my birds. They do have some eggs but dont know why… never hatch or got eaten. Enjoy your birds. Mei

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