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Bend Brewfest 2012

I attended Bend’s Brewfest yesterday, a wonderful funfest where you can sample all kinds of beers, ales, and hard ciders. I love these occasions, because great food is also served. One of the food booths sold Creole food. I love … Continue reading

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The Right to Bear Arms

WBBM in Chicago reports 6 shot dead and 30 wounded from Friday night to Sunday am. Thank goodness for constitutional rights to bear arms such as assault rifles and guns with large magazines.  

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Our two favorite dessert places in Bend

Our two favorite dessert places in Bend are Delish Donuts at the Bend River Promenade and Ida’s Cupcakes at 1314 NW Galveston. Delish Donuts has simply the best maple bars, apple fritters, turnovers, cake and raised donuts.  What’s their secret?  … Continue reading

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Visiting 10-Barrel

We visited 10-Barrel pub today.  In my mind, this is one of the best brew pubs in Bend. Here’s my daughter contemplating what to order. What really looked good was a “raspberry crush ale”.  Let me tell you.  It was … Continue reading

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一日三秋 Yī rì sān qiū One day, three autumns A single day apart seems like three years. Meaning one is longing for loved ones or close friends far away.  

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退一步海阔天空 Tuì yī bù hǎi kuò tiān kōng step back for boundless sky This means “in time of trouble or confrontation with someone, one step back, everything will be fine.”  

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