A Christmas Eve Tradition

My younger daughter just left us to return to her apartment 200 miles away. She spent the holidays with us, along with her cats. I’m hoping she arrives safely home, because she drives over the snowy mountains.

Driving home from Roseburg

This was maybe one of our best Christmases. It may seem strange to say that, seeing that we’re both retired and our kids live a few hundred miles away, yet we were able to celebrate Christmas in person with both our daughters and grandson.

Shortly before Christmas, we drove to Salem and had a terrific Christmas dinner with our whole family at a most excellent Chinese restaurant. Kwan’s is the only Chinese restaurant I know of that offers bitter food on their menu. It’s quite unique. If you have not tried bitter Chinese food, do so. You may or may not like it, but it worth taking a chance.


You know how much I love the Chinese language and culture. Maybe you don’t know that it’s been our family tradition for almost 40 years that we celebrate Christmas Eve by having a Chinese dinner. We started in 1974. We wanted to go out to eat, but all the western restaurants in Portland were closed, except for the Asian Kitchen in Portland. We had dinner there and loved. We made and kept a promise that, from then on, we would have a Chinese dinner every Christmas Eve.

The Asian Kitchen is still there at 18801 E. Burnside in Portland, and it’s still great.


Sadly, we seldom go there now, because we no longer live in Portland. When we lived in Salem, Kwan’s Cuisine was THE place to go for a Christmas Eve dinner.


Now that we live in Bend, our favorite Chinese restaurant is the Red Dragon. The food is great and the prices are reasonable. It is here that we maintain our tradition of a Chinese Dinner on Christmas Eve.


Haha! I never get tired of Chinese food.



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I love learning the Chinese language and reading about Chinese history and culture.
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