Miscellaneous Notes about 清明节 = Qīngmíng jié = Tomb Sweeping Day

清明节 = Qīngmíng jié = Tomb Sweeping Day
you remember and honor your departed family members
ancestors, those who came before you

青糰 = Qīng tuán

青稞 = Qīngkē

豆沙 = Dòushā = sweetened bean paste

inside is a wrapping, Dòushā, bean paste
outside is made of sticky rice powder

踏青 = Tàqīng = Spring break
literally means trhat you step on green grass
Burning fake money for ancestors
paper iphone
Steve Jobs will tell them how to use it
be sure to get the paper charger, too
needs business card for warranty. if there is a problem, the spirits will find you.
踏青【tàqīng】 go for a walk in the countryside in the spring (when the grass
has just turned green).
based on ancient chinese solar calendar
24 milestones

节气【jiéqì】 a day marking one of the 24 divisions of the solar year in
the traditional Chinese calendar; solar terms.

either the fourth of fifth day of April

famous historical event = 1976 qing ming

周恩来总理 = Zhōu’ēnlái zǒnglǐ = Premier Zhou En Lai
四人帮 = Sìrénbāng = Gang of Four
邓小平 = Dèngxiǎopíng = Deng Xiao Ping

1949-1972 = no contact between USA & China
except for one table tennis team
table tennis = ping pong diplomacy
two teams met in Pakistan

乒乓外交 = pīng pāng wài jiāo = Ping Pong Diplomacy

里程碑【lǐchéngbēi】 milestone.

Under what circumstances do I use the word “让(Ràng) “?
I know it means “let” or “allow” in some cases. but is there another use for this word?
Can also mean “request” or “ask.”

Wǒ āyí ràng dǎsǎo zhège fángjiān.
I asked my aunt to clean the room.

先生 = Xiānshēng = Mister
means you are older than me
can also mean a teacher or master. (In this case, can apply to a woman)


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