Chinese language notes 2013-04-25

Guàngjiē = 逛街 = go shopping
Jiànshēn =健身 = workout
Yáomíng bǐ wǒ gāo duōle =姚明比我高多了 = Yao Ming is much taller than me.

Wǒ de shēntǐ bǐ yǐqián qiángzhuàng =我的身体比以前强壮 = My body is stronger than before.

Mǎile (买了) is a verb, Mǎi de (买的) is an adjective.
Duì….gǎn xìngqù =对….感兴趣 = be interested in something
Yīgè rén = 一个人 = alone (i like to watch tv alone)
Chúle = 除了 = in addition to
yi wai = used with 除了
Although i thought he heard it, in fact he did not hear.
in fact he has been to Britain twice


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I love learning the Chinese language and reading about Chinese history and culture.
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