Where’s the Christmas Candy?

I remember fondly the Christmas holidays when I was a kid. We would visit our aunt and uncle in Berwyn, Illinois, and celebrate Christmas with them. What I loved was the bowl of hard filled Christmas candy they always had in their dining room. This week, my lovely wife asked if I could get this candy to put in our candy bowl.

Christmas cnady 1

I went to several grocery and department stores, but not one of them had an assortment of hard filled Christmas candy. Each store had literally aisles and aisles of chocolates, but none of the traditional hard candy that I so fondly remember.


Finally, I searched online and found a one-pound can of assorted hard-filled Christmas candy.

What happened? Why are the stores not selling these traditional hard candies?


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I love learning the Chinese language and reading about Chinese history and culture.
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3 Responses to Where’s the Christmas Candy?

  1. handstitch says:

    Check Powell, downtown Bend, when you are at Dudley’s on Thursday. They have a great selections of candies from my childhood.

  2. Good idea! I checked out the candy store at Old Mill yesterday. They did have the Christmas candy ribbons but not the filled hard candies. I will check out Powell’s on Thursday. Thank you for the suggestion, Sarah! 🙂

  3. Meiru says:

    We really live in a high-tech age! You may find almost EVERYTHING in the cyber space.

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