Why I quit smoking


This sign reminded me of why I quit smoking in 1982.
I quit smoking for two reasons, neither of which were related to health issues.
The first reason was that cigarettes got too damn expensive. I was accustomed to spending less than twenty-five cents a pack. As the price of cigarettes rose, I promised myself that I would quit when a pack would cost more than a dollar. That day came in 1982.
Another reason was the danger of starting a fire or burning myself or my kids. The glowing, flying ashes always disturbed me.
It wasn’t easy to quit. I tried several times. Finally, I smoked my last cig during a convention in Albuquerque in June 1982. My friend, Lou Schwab, helped me make sure I wouldn’t light another one. To be sure, I have not smoked since then.
Another influence was from my two daughters who, at five years of age, would give me almost daily lectures on the hazards of smoking.
Like most ex-smokers, it was not until a while after I quit smoking that I discovered how bad my clothes reeked of cigarette smoke. Now, I can smell a smoker from several feet away. Fortunately, my lovely wife, God bless her, would not let me smoke in the house or car. This is now a big reason why I’m glad I quit.
Maybe next time, I’ll tell you about my other vices. Maybe not.


About blueturtle7645

I love learning the Chinese language and reading about Chinese history and culture.
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