The solution to losing my mobile phone

I told you that, the other day, I left my mobile phone at Fred Meyer for the third time in a row.My phone is too big to put in my pocket, so I often hand carry it in stores.
As a result, too many times I’ve left the phone in the shopping cart.
My lovely wife and I have come up with a solution.  The phone fits perfectly in the passport holder we purchased at AAA.
The passport holder is comfortable to wear and neutral in color.
Yes, it looks like a “man-purse,” but I’m 70 years old, and I could care less.
Here’s a photo of me with it.  What do you think?
2016-08-21 09.11.31


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I love learning the Chinese language and reading about Chinese history and culture.
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2 Responses to The solution to losing my mobile phone

  1. Juliane Schneider says:

    For your information, there are more men using a number of different small bags for whatever is necessary that they carry with them. I have seen quite a variety of them, being that I ride the bus often and am out and about and not riding in a vehicle as before. Some tell me that having a bag as such to carry in sight, that they don’t have to carry a wallet in their back pocket, which has caused many a problem and with the bag, they can use a different kind of wallet and know it is zipped up in the bag. Easier to get out that way than they tell me from a backpack for instance.
    I have seen women with them too, but of course to see them they do look like a purse. I have seen men carrying darker colors though than lighter colors. But who in the world cares what we are carrying these days. I switched from carrying my nice leather purse as it was just too heavy to carry all the time, so started using a cloth shoulder bag that is big enough to put my books, if I check any out of the library to whatever I pick up at the store or wherever while out and about.
    Any larger items, food or non food, I get help and ride with the guy that rents a room in my home or if someone else and I go out to eat or wherever, then I can get what I need if convenient.

    Anyway, it is a great way to carry not only your cell phone, etc., but a small type wallet as such and for men there are quite a selection of small type wallets as most of their wallets don’t have a place for change, which is something else one can carry separately. Nothing like being creative in that particular subject. I switch from one type of bag to another depending on situation. I am finding that many people are surprisingly using one size or another backpacks. Any kind of bag that has more than one compartment is most desirable I am told. One for cell phone, one for wallet if using one, or one for the coins and bills and id and whatever else we all carry around.

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