Why I’ve gone back to buying DVD’s

Since 2013, I’ve been buying digital copies of my favorite movies and storing them in “The Cloud.”

The advantage was that I could store hundreds of movies in the cloud and not use physical storage space at home.

However, starting this week I’ve gone back to buying Blu-Ray DVD’s.


I’ve found that the image and sound qualities are still superior on the Blu-Ray disks than on the digital additions.

Also, I found that DVD’s often can be found on sale for less than the digital copies.

In fact, lately I’ve found my favorite movies also come in combo packs that include the Blue-Ray, standard DVD, and digital copy of in one package.

This is a big plus for me, because now I can lend out the standard DVD of my favorite movie to friends and not worry about losing the Blu-Ray Disk.

Yes, there still is the problem of where to store my DVD’s. Working on that solution.


About blueturtle7645

I love learning the Chinese language and reading about Chinese history and culture.
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