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Chinese language

English is not the most-spoken language on the planet.  One in five around the world speaks Chinese, outnumbering native English speakers two-to-one  — including those in the U.S., Britain, Australia and New Zealand. Advertisements

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Here’s some beautiful photos of Dalian

Here’s some beautiful photos of Dalian.

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1421, The Year China Discovered America

1421, the Year China Discovered America

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bikes are being ‘squeezed off the roads’ in China’s major cities

  Transport experts say    

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Mid-Autumn Festival

  I understand that next week is the Chinese mid-Autumn Festival.    What is your favorite mooncake?   My teacher was unable to find mooncakes, so next week she will prepare meat pancakes for me.   Happy Autumn Festival!   … Continue reading

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The Rising Power of the Chinese Worker    

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The World’s Oldest Academic?

At age 110, Zheng Ji is considered a father of biochemistry in China. Is this man the world’s oldest academic? His…

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