The Santa Clause Movie

We watched “The Santa Clause” movie tonight on Netflix streaming.
I forgot what a funny movie this is, especially the one-liners.
In one of his best roles, Judge Reinhold plays the psychiatrist stepfather who always wears ugly sweaters.  Maybe this is where the craze began.  However, I was quite impressed with those sweaters. Whoever made them had a lot of imagination.

Although the critics gave it luke-warm reviews, I give it 5 stars out of 5.

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Making Christmas Fudge


 Heating the sugar, butter, and water



Bubble, bubble, toil & trouble



Adding the chocolate



Adding the marshmallow cream


Adding the walnuts and pecans



Adding the hot mixture to the pan



The finished product after cooling off


The finished product after cooling off.



While I was making fudge, my lovely wife was making these cookies.



While I was making fudge, my lovely wife was making these

While I was making fudge, my lovely wife was making these


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Moon over Christmas Lights

I took this photo of the moon rising above our neighborhood just now.



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Recommended book – Hillbilly Elegy by J.D. Vance

Recommended book – Hillbilly Elegy by J.D. Vance 

A respected friend recommended this book to me.
Once I started reading, I could not put it down.
It’s an autobiography of a young man born and raised in Appalachia. He managed to rise above poverty, go to Yale Law school, and become a famous attorney.
It gave me a better understanding why conservatives vote the way they do and why many are discouraged by the Democratic party.

I recommend it, too.




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麻球 (Má qiú) fried sticky rice ball


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Brewing my coffee

After months of using my Keurig , I decided to use my 4-cup Mr. Coffee to brew my coffee this morning.
The result?
I’m going back to my Keurig for daily use.
Even though I used Strictly Organic, the best coffee in Bend, it did not taste as good as coming from the Keurig.
I prefer the Keurig also because it has no heating pad to burn the carafe, turns itself off after 2-minutes, and makes only one most excellent cup of coffee at a time.
But wait, you ask, what about all those empty plastic Keurig cups that are killing our fish and destroying our oceans?
No worries, I reply, I use only the reusable, recyclable cups.  How use can I brew Strictly Organic in my Keurig?

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Fruit Loop Tour 2016

Last week, we took our “Fruit Loop Tour” among the orchard and alpaca farms in the Hood River Valley.  Great trip!
Here’s some of the highlights:

This is the view from our hotel room at the West Cliff Inn.

fruit-loop-tour-2016-09-11-16-51-53-2fruit-loop-tour-2016-09-11-16-51-53-3fruit-loop-tour-2016-09-12-2fruit-loop-tour-2016-09-12-20fruit-loop-tour-2016-09-12-30fruit-loop-tour-2016-09-12-35fruit-loop-tour-2016-09-12-36fruit-loop-tour-2016-09-12-39fruit-loop-tour-2016-09-12-41fruit-loop-tour-2016-09-12-46fruit-loop-tour-2016-09-12-56fruit-loop-tour-2016-09-12-59fruit-loop-tour-2016-09-12-60fruit-loop-tour-2016-09-12-61I kid you not. This apple was almost as big as a watermelon.



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