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Day 2 of our China Trip – Flying over the ocean and landing in China

Now we’re flying over the ocean. Thirteen hours. (zzzzz……….) We saw three in-flight movies – Mission Impossible III, Nacho Libre, and Inside Man. Not an eventful flight except for what I talked about yesterday. We fly over Japan. We think … Continue reading

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Day 1-2 of our China Trip

DIV> Day 1 – September 21 We flew from Redmond to Portland on a puddle jumper jet. It was a nice day and a nice flight. From Portland, we flew a 757 to San Francisco. We stayed overnight in San … Continue reading

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Back from China

  We are back from China.   We enjoyed our trip immensely.  Already I want to go back.   I took several hundred photographs.  Over the next few weeks, I will be organizing and adding my photos and comments to … Continue reading

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