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Miss Luo

Ah, what can I say about Miss Luo? This is my first contact from China. This is the lady who showed me how to use the web-cam.  As a result, I have had video and audio conversations with my friends … Continue reading

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Learning Chinese, part 3

I am taking night classes in Chinese language and am also listening to audio CD’s.   I really enjoy learning Chinese.  What a beautiful language!   I also have friends in China who are helping me learn.  They are very patient … Continue reading

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Li Na and her Sisters

I want to thank Li Na and her sisters for helping me to learn Chinese.   Li Na is a lovely, wonderful, and beautiful college student in mainland China who teaches me about China.  She teaches me about the history … Continue reading

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Should I visit Zhanjiang? 如果我会参观湛江?

I definitely plan to visit Beijing, the Great Wall, and the Forbidden City.   But should I visit Zhanjiang?   I know there is a beautful lake nearby.   What are attractions are in Zhanjiang?

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Learning Chinese, part II , 更加汉语的语言

Slowly but surely, i am learning Chinese, and i am having a lot of fun.   I am using both Chinese language CD’s and attending classes on spoken Chinese.   If I can just master the 4 tones of the … Continue reading

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Snow in Oregon

For Aria and others who have asked, I have added to my photo collection pictures of some of our larger snowfalls.   Andy

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